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7 Subtle Signs You Have a Weak Immune System

cold hands
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3. Cold hands

Yes, often, cold hands are associated with poor circulation, and yes, the immune system does not control the body temperature, but sometimes the cause of having cold hands is connected with a weak immune system. If you are not a very active person and your hands never get warm, then you should start exercising and get that blood flow moving.

The real problem appears when your blood vessels are inflamed. Then, not only your hands will be cold, but also your ears, nose, or toes.  There is a syndrome called Ryanaud’s phenomenon, which can be caused by a weak immune system, but also by smoking or drugs.

Even if this symptom is not one to be concerned about, it is better to get checked just to be sure. Adopting healthy habits like exercising, managing stress, or eating healthy can improve circulation as well as the immune system.

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