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6 Serious Signs Your Colon Needs Help

Warning signs your colon needs help ASAP! 

In most cases, our body is perfectly capable of “solving” its issues, but sometimes it can also use a helping hand from us. In this case, we talk about the colon, which is responsible for taking care of good digestion and the absorption of nutrients, vitamins, salts, and water.

Because of its hard work to keep our body as top-notch and healthy as possible, more than 400 different types of bacteria may be found in the colon’s complex and diverse environment.

Many of these species are good for healthy digestion and waste elimination, but if left unchecked, some of them can seriously harm the gastrointestinal system. Discover the major signs that indicate your colon needs a doctor’s attention by reading the rest of the article.

signs your colon needs help
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You’ve suddenly gained weight

While we all have fluctuations and have a complicated relationship with our body weight, if you notice you gained more pounds than you should have in the past months is one of the first signs your colon needs help.

Let’s see what doctors have to say about this. Certain intestinal bacteria are more adept at breaking down food than others, even though they all work together to release nutrients and calories into your circulation.

To clear your colon, you might want to seek out meals that are high in nutrients. Your body takes in more calories when there are more microorganisms in your stomach, which might result in weight gain.

Sometimes if you feel like you’re hungry all the time can be because of gut microbes that can lead to eating uncontrollably and never feeling satiated completely.

You feel more tired

Are you feeling tired even after 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep? This may be a warning sign your colon is trying to send you! There is a connection between the frequency of certain gut microorganisms and exhaustion, according to recent research. The following are some theories as to why exhaustion and gut microorganisms might be related:

One study found that individuals with irritable bowel syndrome and recurrent tiredness frequently had changed gut bacterial compositions. In comparison to the colons of people who are not exhausted, the colons of these patients often show a less diversified bacterial community.

The gut microorganisms that affect our ability to digest food are another reason you could always feel exhausted. Your body may feel tired if the bacteria in your intestines have to work harder to break down your food since this will require more energy.

If you notice changes in your sleeping patterns, make an appointment and discuss this issue with your doctor. Maybe it’s not about the colon, and you just need some supplements like vitamin B12, creatine, or CoQ10 to boost your energy throughout the day.

You have stomach aches and digestion issues

Among the worst signs your colon needs help is when you feel bloated, gasy and you’re constipated so you can’t go to the toilet for days. While several things, such as eating too much or too little fiber, can lead to gastrointestinal problems, a build-up of toxic substances may be the reason for more severe and chronic symptoms.

Frequent colon cleansing helps eliminate these dangerous toxins before they become an issue. One study found that colon cleansing was particularly helpful in treating irritable bowel syndrome.

In any case, if you’re experiencing these symptoms and they persist for more than three days in a row, talk to your doctor. Maybe you really need a colon cleanse and a possible change of diet.

signs your colon needs help
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You started having skin issues

The interconnectivity of the human body is one of its most amazing features. The whole body generally feels amazing when all the systems are working as they should. But when one system isn’t functioning accordingly, other bodily areas might show the symptoms.

For example, toxic substances in our intestines have a major effect on the skin. If, until now, your skin was good-looking and you never had issues with acne or dermatitis, but you started noticing various changes with it, it might be time to call your doctor and make an appointment.

Psoriasis, acne, white spots, and skin inflammation around the nose, chin, and ears are the most evident signs you have issues with the colon.

You can’t focus anymore

While most of the symptoms described before are targeting the physique mainly, if you’re dealing with colon issues your mental health might be affected too. This is because gut microorganisms are important for brain function.

In addition, the bacterial composition of your colon may be involved in brain-related illnesses like Alzheimer’s, dementia, or depression.
Colon problems can also result in sleep loss, which may cause brain “fog.”

The toxins present in your gut may, at the very least, temporarily make you feel more distracted and with a lack of focus. Perhaps all you need to restore your thinking to normal is a routine gut cleanse but it’s preferable to talk to your doctor before making this decision.

Your sweat smells stronger than before

Have you noticed that your sweat smells worse than ever, and it’s not even summer yet? This may be another warning sign that your colon is in danger. According to specialists, it makes sense that sick gut bacteria can affect body odor given the chemical makeup and role of colonic germs.

Ammonia odors have been specifically connected to gut microbes. A recent study found that some kinds of gut bacteria are capable of producing ammonia. You might end up stinking badly if enough of these kinds of bacteria generate ammonia buildup.

Bad odors may also come from your mouth. While you assure yourself that you brush your teeth at least twice a day, you use mouthwash and dental floss to clean everything thoroughly, but you still feel like your breath isn’t exactly minty fresh, it can be related to colon issues.

To ensure your colon’s health, it is vital to have a healthy life and a diet rich in all the nutrients and proteins your body needs. If you don’t know what to cook anymore or what the healthiest food choices are for a good digestive system, check out the Simple Color Diet Cookbook: A Healthy Colon Keeps the Sickness Away, available on Amazon for the price of just $10.99 for the paperback format. 


After reading all these symptoms related to an unhealthy colon, you’re probably now overthinking it. But don’t! While it may be scary to go to the doctor because of what you may hear from them, it’s still necessary if you want to live a healthy life.

Talk to your doctor about the symptoms if you experience at least two of them in your body. The best person to ask is a gastroenterologist; they specialize in this matter, so they’ll know better if you require treatment or not.

Furthermore, now could be the right moment to schedule a colon cancer screening if you are 45 years of age or older and haven’t had one yet.  Take care of yourself!

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