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6 Vaccines Every Senior Should Get

vaccines every senior should get
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Do you know what vaccines every senior should get? Find out all about them now!

You might already know this, but in the United States, older people account for around 70–85% of flu-related fatalities each year. This is why it is important to get vaccinated, and there are some vaccines every senior should get.

Older adults have a higher risk of getting ill, and this is why they should protect themselves. One of the most effective ways to take care of yourself is to get vaccinated. And there are more vaccines out there besides the flu shot.

You also protect more than just yourself. If you get vaccinated, you will also protect your family and the ones that are around you every day. If you are not sure what those vaccines are, we want to keep you updated, and this is why we have compiled a list of the vaccines every senior should get. Ask your healthcare provider about them.

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