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7 Subtle Signs You Have a Weak Immune System

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6. Constant headaches

Headaches – we all have them, and we all deal with them in the course of this life. When they are constant and do not go away that easily, or when you do not have a motive to appear, that is exactly the time to check yourself up.

If you haven’t eaten properly in a while, haven’t slept, or haven’t gone for a walk in the last couple of days or even weeks, it’s understandable to have a headache; these are common reasons why you don’t feel well. Our bodies need nutrition, fresh air, and sleep to perform at their maximum.

But if you experience headaches often and without any motive to support them, we advise you to consult a doctor about your problem. With these constant headaches, we cannot perform the majority of activities that we normally need in a day, which include eating, sleeping, and working, and they’re important for a strong immune system.

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