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7 Exercises All Seniors Have to Try (and 10 They Should Avoid at All Costs)

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3. Water aerobics

If you love lounging around in the pool, why not try water aerobics? You’ll get all those health benefits you want, while having fun and without feeling sweaty and hot!

Exercising in the water is great for everyone who wants to build some lean muscle mass and have an active lifestyle, but it’s especially good for those who are diagnosed with arthritis and other types of joint pain due to the fact that the resilience of the water puts less pressure on the joints.

In addition to that, water brings its own natural resistance, which can successfully replace the need for weights in strength training workouts.

If you’re not fully convinced why you should give water aerobics a try, you should know that it can help your body get stronger, more flexible, and balanced, all of which while putting the least amount of stress on your body.

If you decide to go to a water aerobic class, here are some of the exercises you’ll absolutely adore: arm curls, leg lifts, aqua jogging, standing water push-ups, and flutter kicks.

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