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7 Exercises All Seniors Have to Try (and 10 They Should Avoid at All Costs)

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2. Pilates

Another popular exercise routine that is great for seniors is Pilates. This is a low-impact workout that was developed by a German physical trainer named Joseph Pilates, and it’s practiced by people from all over the world.

This type of exercise brings together all sorts of important body functions you need on a daily basis, such as breathing, concentration, core strength, and stability.

You can do pilates in a studio, with a personal trainer and equipment, such as a reformer, mat, pilates balls, and even light weights; or you can do it at home, with no equipment at all (of course, make sure to follow the instructions of a certified pilates trainer, so you don’t get injured and be mindful about your form).

This exercise routine can help you develop core strength, build lean muscles, improve your balance, and also increase flexibility. Some of the exercises experts suggest all seniors include in their fitness routine are side circles, leg circles, step-ups, and the mermaid movement.

…Have you ever tried Pilates?

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