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4 Ways to Stay Healthy During the Flu Season

I learned the best ways to stay healthy during the flu season by following these easy tips!

It is easier said than done to stay healthy during the flu season, but it is not impossible to achieve! I have managed to stay far away from this seasonal disease for years, and it has always been because I followed a number of tips and tricks straight to the T.

It is not easy to always stay on top of your health, but when it comes to the cold season and the flu season, we have to start caring more than we already did. No one likes getting sick, but the flu is another type of illness altogether, and getting it is no joke, especially since you can get extremely sick and need to be hospitalized.

There are even people who end up losing their lives due to the flu, so it is always better to do everything we can to keep this illness at bay than to give in to it.

Of course, nothing is foolproof, but these are the things that have helped me after discussing them with my doctor, talking with other specialists, and reading reputable sources, and so far they have yet to fail me! So if you are also interested in how you can stay healthy during the flu season, make sure that you keep on reading!

Have you gotten the flu recently? How has your experience been? Let us know how you plan to keep this pesky disease away during the cold months in the comments down below!

stay healthy during the flu season
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Make sure you are hydrated!

I found out pretty fast that if I want to stay healthy during the flu season, I need to be on top of being hydrated. Not only is this going to be a bit more challenging than you think if you do not already have the habit of drinking enough water each day, but you will also find it less of a need since it is no longer as hot outside.

It is proven that enough fluids will help you keep viruses at bay, and you can always increase the amount of fluids you drink during the cold months as you can switch from plain water to warm, soothing teas. As long as you make sure you drink enough (which is about two-thirds of your body weight in ounces daily), you can easily prevent those pesky viruses from coming close to you!

Enough fluids will make you stay in tip-top shape, loosen mucus, prevent your throat and nose from drying out due to the cold air, and even keep your blood circulation in top shape, which will aid in fighting off any viruses.

And while those 8 glasses of water a day are the ideal amount, do not forget about the tea we have mentioned and, since the cold weather is perfect for it, a hot bowl of chicken noodle soup!

Keep on top of your sleep schedule!

Another way through which you can brave the flu season without being touched by the pesky virus is to make sure that you prioritize your sleep.

After all, even when you are sick, there is a good reason why you are encouraged to rest, and most of the time you end up falling asleep. This is both because the sickness is impairing your energy levels and also because, when you sleep, your body recovers!

No matter the season, you should make sure that you keep up with your sleeping schedule, as lack of sleep can impair your immune system and make you a target for the flu and other seasonal colds. Making sure you get the recommended seven to nine hours a night is one of your best bets when it comes to going through the flu season without any illnesses.

Researchers have uncovered that people who lose sleep on a nightly basis, as in they sleep less than the recommended seven, end up having an increased likelihood of getting sick, three times more than the average person who sleeps enough.

Not only is getting enough sleep going to help you feel better during the day, but it will also make sure your immune system is sturdy and that you can face any viral sickness coming your way!

stay healthy during the flu season
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Be careful of germs!

This is the one thing that is going to go without saying, and you have already known it. During the flu season, you have to be extra careful of the germs around, even more than before, and sanitize your hands if you cannot go and wash them.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us just how important it is to keep your hands clean, and this continues to be true even past the pandemic, especially since the flu and coronavirus have started to coexist.

If you are sick or you feel yourself close to sneezing or coughing, it is best to cover your nose and mouth so that you do not spread around the saliva and germs you may have. If you do not have a napkin around, then you can sneeze or cough into your elbow or sleeve, so that you do not put your hand on your mouth without it being washed.

You should be careful, especially if you use public transport or have been in a crowded place. If you do not feel safe going to crowded places, you can always wear a face mask.

Do not neglect vitamin D!

While you may have been able to get all the vitamin D you need from a natural source during the warm months, the cool season comes with less sunshine and a lesser opportunity to be able to access this vitamin naturally outside of your meals.

I learned the hard way that I should be careful with vitamin D because the lack of it has had a negative impact on my mental health and also left me more prone to getting ill during the flu season. That year, during the winter months, my vitamin D levels reached an all-time low, and it impacted my health in a bad way, making me get sick more times.

Since I figured out that my vitamin D levels were low during the flu season, I paid more attention to them. To make sure that I get the needed amount to be healthy, I have taken some supplements as indicated by my doctor to raise the levels, as well as introduced more foods that are high in vitamin D, especially salmon, and mushrooms!

It is always good to do your yearly bloodwork and also ask for your vitamin D to be tested, as you can never know if you have a problem or not, and low levels of vitamin D can become dangerous. If you do have a deficit of vitamin D, then it is a good idea to take some supplements. The best one is the liquid version, as it has a better absorption rate. This is the one we recommend you try out, as you can easily get it on Amazon!

There are a lot of benefits to getting vaccinated against the flu each year, and we recommend that you stay on top of your immunization, especially if you know you are part of a risk group. However, you should know that there are side effects of this vaccine that you should be aware of. Read all about the most severe of them here!

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