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New COVID Strain ‘Eris’ Spreads: 5 Most Common Symptoms

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A new loss of smell and taste

We’ve previously said that one of the main symptoms of being infected with this deadly virus is a loss of smell and taste. A few years ago, when the new coronavirus started to infect millions of people, one of the side effects that patients were talking about was the fact that they couldn’t smell or taste anything.

Immediately after, this symptom became one of the most common ones, and for a couple of months, it was sure that people who experienced a loss of smell and taste were infected with SARS-CoV-2.

But after a while, this symptom wasn’t that common in the new variants of the virus, and patients didn’t need to experience it. However, with this new COVID strain, the loss of smell and taste is back in the game, so it’s best to get tested if you experience it, because it might be more serious than a simple cold.


The way you’re going to react to this new COVID strain is different from one individual to another, but Eris didn’t come here to play. Doctors say that, while it’s not that common, one of the new symptoms patients could experience is vomiting.

That can be particularly common in children infected with this dangerous virus, so they need to avoid crowded places, wear face masks when the situation asks for one, wash their hands as often as possible, and not get in contact with people who are infected.

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  1. For the past 6 days, I’ve had abdominal pain and cramping, nausea, vomiting, and severe diarrhea. I wondered if I had a “bug” or some form of Covid. I think I just found the culprit.

  2. I am on day 6. I didn’t have nausea or vomitting. I did have everything else and just about an hour ago diarrhea! Debating on going back to work in a few hours or not. It wasn’t to bad just felt like a bad cold. The worst symptoms were the body aches, they felt like I had a serious ass kicking with a steel toe boot loll. Every bone, muscle, down to my nail beds hurt for about 3 days yesterday and today not so much but I do get the occasional random pain here and there. Very nasaly i have an occasional cough with flem but not like the other 2 TIMES. Yes this is my 3rd go around. I’ve been chomy Oxygen level and it’s been 94-96% which is great. Over the counter medication and I did take Psudophrine it’s at Walgreens no RX is needed but you have up ask the pharmacist for it. It’s great for congestion.
    Lots of rest and fluids. My taste and smell are there but things don’t taste or smell as they should but I have them. Oh fatigue! Get very winded if I go upstairs or downstairs or do to much but try not to lay down so much force mobility. Sit instead of lying down if possible. But it’s getting better every day.

  3. Many doctors don’t believe the Covid vaccine is effective in preventing a person from getting the virus. Are there different Covid tests for this new strain? Are health insurances paying for the cost of the tests?

    1. No one ever said the vaccine would ‘prevent’ anyone from contracting the virus…the vaccine is intended to keep one out of very serious infection and hopefully keep one out of the hospital and the morgue!

        1. Not true Gina it helps lessen the symptoms. The immunization s that are for live viruses you can expect full coverage and prevention

    2. It is not a prevention, you can still catch it, the difference is the symptoms will be reduced compared to the unvaccinated

    3. The COVID vaccine does not stop you from getting COVID! It lessens the severity of it should you get it, making it less likely you could die from it.

  4. I had it for 4 days and it has ran through all the courses that you have listed. What is the duration and when may I expect some relief. Thanks for the article and getting this out there. I’m 65 and have never been this I’ll.

      1. I’m Covid positive I’ve had most of all the symptoms have it it since New Year’s Eve . And yes I’ve been fully vaccinated.

    1. I’ve been fully vaccinated including a booster about 1.5 months ago. Got COVID two weeks ago and felt all these symptoms cept shortness of breath all in one day. Second day was manageable and by the third day I was back to normal minus some sniffling but that’s normal winter for me.

  5. Thank you for this update! A lot of people think they’ve had food poisoning due to stomach issues. This info may help some to test.

    1. A lot of people don’t realize actual food poisoning is extremely rare. Everyone’s always like it must of been something you ate. No it’s not something you ate because real food poisoning puts you out for days even weeks. What most people have is an upset tummy from mixing to many weird things together or don’t have the right thriving bacteria to break down everything in the gut. Once in my life I can attribute not feeling good to food I ate and I had diarrhea for days and days. I was drinking water while on the toilet so I didn’t die. But that’s what I get for ordering a cheese steak from a breakfast restaurant.

  6. You people are ignorant. Pharma companies kill more people than tobacco companies… yet somehow Pharma is allowed to MARKET poison in the media

    1. As do I and I caught it right after Thanksgiving. I home tested positive, then I went to the doctor. Was positive there also.

  7. I’m 76yr female & fully vaccinated for Covid, Flu & RSV. A wk ago Fri. I suddenly found that everything had the same bland taste & very little smell. Normal taste & smell returned by Sunday. On Sunday eve as I prepared for work( I work overnite, still, Med Center ER) got severe stomach cramps & nausea and had to lay down. It lasted for about 30 min & went away. I was fine & went to work. Now I’ve had a running nose all week, slighty tired. After reading this article, I may have contacted a mild case of the new Covid variant.

  8. I am just getting over COVID, Had the chills and headache first ,then started in my lungs,then lost taste and a weird smell like steam, it just seemed like everyday it was a different symptoms.but pure exhaustion was definitely there and it spread fast to four other family members.

  9. Just keep sending update on new findings and results and what people are going through. Everyone is going through looking for a miracle is people passing it around more through foods that they are preparing for people for takeouts good question.

    1. Person to person exposure. Wash hands and masking are your best preventive measures. Carry hand sanitizer everywhere and use it. After handling a menu in a restaurant use your sanitizer I have never had Covid and I use these simple measures. Take the time and precautions you can stay well

  10. Had all Covid shots except last, Eris. Got it day after Thanksgiving and still have it, 14 days. Sx: cough/ chills,fatigue, congestion, runny itchy nose,and eyes,sore throat. No GI sx, but mild dizziness. Taking xs fluids, usual vits,albuterol 90 mcg inhaler TID, T4-10 mg. Test neg. When will it end?

  11. Just had Covid. Mine was like a very bad head cold with major congestion and body aches. Lasted about 4 days. I did stay home for 5 days. Today is my 2nd day out and feeling good!

  12. i tested positive for covid the Monday before Thanksgiving and am sure I caught it at my daughter’s house. I had an upper respiratory situation all week, coughing, a few chills, red eyes, lack of appetite and one day G.I. tract distress. My daughter’s family members had similar symptoms including pink eye.

      1. I was. Vaccinated 5times. All those shots are useless. Got covid in May 2022. Took monoclonal antibodies and got rid of covid in a day. Feb 2023 gt covid again along with pneumonia. Took Paxlovid and got ri of covid in approx 2 weeks. From t hen till now, off and on covid symptoms everyday.. I am going to stop eating out as much.

      2. I was. Vaccinated 5times. All those shots are useless. Got covid in May 2022. Took monoclonal antibodies and got rid of covid in a day. Feb 2023 gt covid again along with pneumonia. Took Paxlovid and got ri of covid in approx 2 weeks. From t hen till now, off and on covid symptoms everyday.. I am going to stop eating out as much.

  13. I tested positive for Covid. I had chills first night, fatigue, terrible body aches, cough and sinus congestion and abdominal cramping. Paxlovid helped tremendously with all but the cramping, had it all through the 5 days of meds and couple days after. It’s been a week since diagnosed and am back at work full time. I think the sinus congestion and cough is going to stick around for awhile but I feel so much better.

  14. My granddaughter’s husband has it right now. He’s had terrible stomach issues. Now my grandson who is nonverbal autistic has the same symptoms. Sadly, he can’t communicate where he hurts and what he needs.😌

  15. I started out feeling dizzy and somewhat tired 7 days ago, then it just got worse for the next couple of days plus having sweating then chilling, by day three I felt terribly weak and dizzy and things didn’t taste right and my appetite was null. However I forced myself to eat as much as possible. Now today it’s just the weakness and dizziness but it seems to get a smidge better each day but it’s hanging on regardless! I take OTC meds and take LOTS of vitamins and my appetite has come back so hopefully I’m on the mend. I have COPD but have had no congestion or cough so that’s really good for me. Plus I’m almost 82 years old!

  16. I had a scratchy throat at night and post nasal drip. Woke up congested. Laryngitis. No fever. Went to work and after 2.5 hours felt worse. Left and got a test and it was positive. (Covid) They gave me a prescription for Paxlovid, sick rest of day, including splitting headache. Next morning felt a little better but after coffee I threw up! Felt better after. Took a shower and next dose of Paxlovid. By afternoon I was much better, and the next day 💯 % better. I thought that can’t be possible! Continued to finish the Paxlovid till the end though. I’m 65, had every vaccine including shot #6. Had Covid twice in 2020, before vaccines were available. And the first time was terrible even though that was considered a mild (!!) case. Everyone I know that didn’t get the recent vaccine and got Covid was sick for 10 days or more. And very sick and weak. And Paxlovid didn’t work for them. My conclusion = I will continue to stay vaccinated

    1. And while you continue to stay vaccinated remember this. The vaccine makes your blood thick and clots especially if you have heart disease. In a few years you will probably be dead from a fatal heart attack or stroke or even worse they may not find a blockage in time and your aortic blocks up from a aneurysm and you need a AAA repair and lose your leg after you spend 27 days in ICU and 31 total because you think your protecting yourself from a inexperienced vaccine that people have got and still died . Think of that.

  17. Wrong! They told us in the beginning that the “vaccine” would prevent you from getting or spreading the virus. Soon after that was debunked they changed their tune to “well it will keep you from going to the hospital”

  18. I don’t see how you people had COVID for less than 2 weeks. I had COVID for first time for 3 months. 2nd time 2 months. 3rd time 2 months. I didn’t get it in 2023 so far.

    1. Angel, look at your respiratory hygiene practice. You should not get it so much. WASH YOUR HANDS USE SANITIZER

  19. I had a case of Covid 19 in 2022. Lost taste and smell, had light fever and was very tired. No shots but Flu. I’m going to test myself tomorrow night, I’m chilled with hot flashes. I hurt all over like a Mac truck has hit me. Some soft bowl movements with cramps. Just feels like the Flu. Won’t take the shots, don’t believe they work but kill. I’m 67 female. Was in the military for 35 years, had my fare share of shots.

  20. Just had my second bout of covid . . . no big deal. Had a cough and sinus congestion which resolved within 3 days. My first bout was very similar to this one. I refused the vaccination because of my many medical allergies. So saying the covid vaccine reduces symptoms does not apply to me. The pharmaceutical companies promised all sorts of things with their vaccines that ultimately proved to be false. Many of my coworkers became very ill after receiving their vaccinations, so that was another reason I passed on the vaccine. I know many people swear by the vaccine (and masks), but more and more nfo coming in daily reveals how the vaccine and masks didn’t work the way they were promised. Just be careful and check out any vaccines or medications thoroughly before making your decision to receive them.

  21. Exposed seven days ago. My husband and I tested 2 days later. He was positive, I was negative. I tested 2days later and was negative. Felt terrible overnight, slightly elevated temperature 101.1, terrible eye sinus pain, back and knee pain. Weakness, runny nose, vomiting three times, couldn’t eat or drink, coughing every now and then. I moaned like I was in labor for hours praying to God for relief. Finally reached the doctor. He called in something for me. He ordered ZPack because he was unsure how I’d handle prescribed meds for Covid. My body is sensitive to many things, cough medicine, and steroids for 7 days. I’m also taking Ester C, fresh ginger tea twice daily, Flonase nasal spray, an additional dose of Vitamin C and 5000 IU of d3.

    Today I feel better. I will elevate the progress everyday.

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