New COVID Strain ‘Eris’ Spreads: 5 Most Common Symptoms

new COVID strain
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The Lasting Health presents: the new COVID strain “Eris” and how dangerous it can be!

Was there someone who was just thinking about when another new COVID strain would break the news and scare the entire world? This deadly virus has been a “delightful” presence for years now, so whether you had it or not, you probably have at least some idea of what signs of it to look for. However, this virus doesn’t like to stay the same, and this new COVID strain will impress us with several symptoms.

Speaking of the new COVID strain, you should know that it goes by the name of EG.5 or Eris and is responsible for over 20% of new COVID cases in the U.S. Besides Eris, another variant, BA.2.86, nicknamed “Pirola”, is making headlines and messing up people’s lives.

As the number of people who are infected with coronavirus continues to grow, it’s understandable that you have plenty of questions regarding this new COVID strain and what symptoms this variant brings. We’ll answer all of your questions in today’s article, so keep reading!

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  1. For the past 6 days, I’ve had abdominal pain and cramping, nausea, vomiting, and severe diarrhea. I wondered if I had a “bug” or some form of Covid. I think I just found the culprit.

  2. I am on day 6. I didn’t have nausea or vomitting. I did have everything else and just about an hour ago diarrhea! Debating on going back to work in a few hours or not. It wasn’t to bad just felt like a bad cold. The worst symptoms were the body aches, they felt like I had a serious ass kicking with a steel toe boot loll. Every bone, muscle, down to my nail beds hurt for about 3 days yesterday and today not so much but I do get the occasional random pain here and there. Very nasaly i have an occasional cough with flem but not like the other 2 TIMES. Yes this is my 3rd go around. I’ve been chomy Oxygen level and it’s been 94-96% which is great. Over the counter medication and I did take Psudophrine it’s at Walgreens no RX is needed but you have up ask the pharmacist for it. It’s great for congestion.
    Lots of rest and fluids. My taste and smell are there but things don’t taste or smell as they should but I have them. Oh fatigue! Get very winded if I go upstairs or downstairs or do to much but try not to lay down so much force mobility. Sit instead of lying down if possible. But it’s getting better every day.

  3. Many doctors don’t believe the Covid vaccine is effective in preventing a person from getting the virus. Are there different Covid tests for this new strain? Are health insurances paying for the cost of the tests?

  4. I had it for 4 days and it has ran through all the courses that you have listed. What is the duration and when may I expect some relief. Thanks for the article and getting this out there. I’m 65 and have never been this I’ll.

  5. Thank you for this update! A lot of people think they’ve had food poisoning due to stomach issues. This info may help some to test.

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