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10 Super Foods That Will Strengthen Your Bones and Joints

These are the most delicious foods that will strengthen your bones and joints! 

Are you looking for foods that delight your tastebuds but also nourish and strengthen your bones and joints? You’re in the right place, my friend! Even if, in the past years, a lot of people started using supplements such as collagen to help their skin stay healthy and young, the food that we eat is still the one that matters the most. And one or two glasses of milk per day won’t do the miracle either!

Without further ado, let’s go on a taste-bud-pleasing gastronomic journey that will keep your body strong and flexible for years to come!

foods that will strengthen your bones and joints
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1. Plums

One of the first foods that will strengthen your bones and joints is the delicious plum. These purple jewels are rich in potassium, magnesium, and vitamin K. Several doctors say that eating five or more plums daily can help avoid broken bones. Eating raw plums can also help improve your digestion!

While they are delicious as well, not everyone likes eating dried ones. They’re sweet enough, so consider eating them as a snack or using them to sweeten baked items instead of adding additional sugar.

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  1. I’m Diabetic and I would like more foods and Fruits that I could eat. I’m New to this and I need a little help, Please and thanks.

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