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5 Most Alarming Flu Vaccine Side Effects Reported Recently

Flu Vaccine Side Effect
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Since we’re on the topic of flu vaccine side effects, here are some frequently asked questions you’ll want to know about:

Can a flu shot weaken a person’s immune system?
No, the flu vaccine won’t weaken your immune system. In fact, Harvard research indicates that the annual influenza vaccine doesn’t weaken your immune system but actually boosts it.

Will you get the flu after getting a flu shot?
No, the flu shot can’t cause the flu. All flu vaccines used in our country contain “inactivated” copies of the flu virus. Only live viruses can make people sick. Inactivated viruses allow your body to produce an immune response without becoming ill.

Is it okay to have a flu shot AND a COVID-19 vaccination?
Yes. Previous guidance when COVID-19 vaccines were first introduced was to get the COVID-19 vaccine and influenza vaccine about a week apart.

The data shows it’s safe to get the flu and a COVID-19 vaccine simultaneously. There are also dual vaccines in development in research laboratories that will provide simultaneous protection from both the flu and COVID.

Can you get a flu vaccine if you’re allergic to eggs?
Most flu vaccines are created using eggs, which could cause a reaction in those with egg allergies. In the past, the CDC had advised that people with an egg allergy not to get the flu vaccine. Whereas now, the CDC says that most individuals with egg allergies can safely get it.

But it all depends on how severe your allergy is. If you’ve only had hives as a common reaction to eggs, you can get any flu vaccine that’s otherwise safe for you.

If you’ve had other symptoms, like lightheadedness or swelling, you should only get the vaccine from a healthcare provider qualified to handle an allergic response.

But if you’ve ever had a severe reaction to eggs, the recommendation is that you still shouldn’t get the flu vaccine. If you have an egg allergy, speak to your physician about getting a form of the vaccine that’s safe for you.

Are there long-term side effects from the flu vaccine?
No, there is no evidence-based research hat would suggest any long-term flu vaccine side effects.

Have you ever gotten the flu vaccine? If so, be sure to tell us how it went and if you’ve ever experienced any flu vaccine side effects. And if you enjoyed this informative post, be sure to hit the share button to let your friends on Facebook know about it!

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21 Responses

  1. I was bruised from my shoulder to my elbow last year when I got my flu shot. I’m suppose to get my shot on Wednesday and hope it doesn’t happen again.

  2. I got the flu shot.A few mins after the short i had some forearm pain.which was strange because ive never had it before.I had a low grade fever, headache,and body aches,with chills

  3. I was wondering was it just me. I had a headaches and head pain that lasted several days as if it was more than that. It scared the hell out of me. It hurt to cough, sneeze or laugh, turn your neck etc.

  4. Within an hour after getting the stronger flu vaccine ( I’m 81) I became very weak and light headed. Thought I would pass out. Tried driving home and felt disoriented . I think the vaccine was too strong and will ask for the lighter one next year.

  5. Had enhanced flu shot oct. 10. Within an hour, started swelling, red, hot. By morning severe cellulitis from inside elbow to shoulder, put on Keflex 7 days, now 4 weeks passed, infection, gone after 2 weeks, still a little red. No reaction last year from shot.

  6. I got the Flu shot recently and had severe arm pain , bruising and swelling. It has been 2 months and now I still have pain from my deltoid to my elbow like arthritis pain off and on.

  7. Is it possible to develop edema in lower extremities after receiving the +65 flu shot? First year I have received this particular type of flu shot and first time I have had any problems.

  8. I got the flu shot and RSV shot in different arms on the same day. No problems. I got the COVID booster a couple of weeks later. My arm became red, swollen and itchy!? An allergic reaction? Bad batch of COVID vaccine? Bad injection technique?
    Candy Frankel

  9. My son and I had a flu short in 2005. While I had the milder symptoms that didn’t keep me from work, my son who was 11 years old was super sick the next day. Had to take him to see a physician. He recovered, but developed an egg size lymphatic nodule between that shoulder and neck region that persists to date at 32 years old. He has since refused to take the flu vaccine ever again.
    I also stopped taking the yearly doses in 2015 because it caused me a full blown infections. I would be out of work for upto 5 days each time with severe flu symptoms. So I got an exception note each year after that.

  10. very sore arm and a real bad headache that afternoon and even woke me up at night hurting.Had both shots covid and flu the same time. Never had a problem with either before. Will not get both at same time next time.

    1. I had a bad headache for almost a week after this last civid shot. I never had that before. Didn’t get the flu shot. I never had one but l never had the flu

  11. My Mother, received the Flu shot in the late 80s while living in St. Louis a suburb. With watching what she went through, I or my extended family refuse the flu shot. We evidently have had luck on our side because not one of us have had the flu or even Covid19. I know many would argue regarding the shot but we saw way too much sadness.

  12. I got a flu shot yesterday felt light headed wanted to throw up arm hurt bad and still does left leg hurts bad my neck swelled a little that went away and I have a headache and neck pain sneezing and off and on voice sounds like when I have cold or sick I have never had a problem with the flu shot before If these things keep bothering me or don’t go away after few days going to my doctor because worrying me some. this is the one I received Flu (Inactivated)

    Vaccine administered:
    AFLURIA QUAD 2023-24 (3YR UP)

  13. I had both the flu and Covid booster, one in each arm, at the same time, 11-9-23. I barely felt either shot and had no problem at all, not even sore arm. I’m 70 years old have had all Covid shots and take my yearly flu and have never had a problem. One of the lucky ones I suppose.

  14. I had the senior flu shot 3 weeks ago.I’m 80 & get the flu shot every year.This year about 30 min.after shot I was driving home all of a sudden I got extremely tired.Thank God I don’t live far.Got into house sat in a chair & fell sound asleep. Sleep for 2 days & was veryyyy achey. I

  15. I had the flu shot,and I start feeling like presure was going up tru by my chest up then start trembling more and more blood presure higher. The dr send me to the emergency, about 4 hours finally start feeling better, headache the rest of the day. Very scary.

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