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7 Body Parts You’re Washing The Wrong Way (and Solutions)

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4. Your Teeth

Most people believe brushing their teeth is enough to clean them. Surprisingly or not, they are wrong. In fact, brushing your teeth is only half of what you really need to do to make sure you keep any cavities at bay.

If you don’t floss, you’re leaving behind the majority of detrimental bacteria. According to dentists, neglecting to floss encourages the development of lactic acid, which destroys your tooth enamel and causes cavities. That’s why you should floss at least twice a day.

What’s more, it seems that many people aren’t even brushing correctly. The best technique is to angle your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle, right where your tooth meets your gum. Make sure you do small circular motions for around ten seconds per area.

If you have an electric toothbrush, it does the job for you, so you just have to move it from tooth to tooth. But if you prefer the classic one, remember that softer is better. Dentists advise against using a manual toothbrush with a firm or hard setting since these can hurt your gums and even wear down the tooth enamel. You may think that a hard toothbrush will do a better job, but in fact, it may be worse.

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