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7 Body Parts You’re Washing The Wrong Way (and Solutions)

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3. Your Scalp

Even if you regularly wash your hair, your scalp may not be completely clean, especially certain portions of it. “I see this in some patients with thick hair who miss parts of the back of the head or get shampoo or conditioner there but don’t rinse it thoroughly,” says Dr. Prystowsky.

So how should you be washing your hair to make sure your scalp gets squeaky clean? It’s important to separate a few strands of hair to ensure the water is rinsing all of the products. Also, stop using your nails during hair washing and use the pads of your fingers instead. It will help protect your scalp from irritation.

If you have especially thick hair, use lots of hair products, or are dealing with any scalp irritation or itchiness, dermatologists recommend taking it a step further. Start using a scalp-detoxifying shampoo (one a month should be enough) and spend a few extra minutes in the shower massaging it into your scalp to eliminate sticky product buildup.

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