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10 Reasons You May Need Cataracts Surgery ASAP

Why you may need cataracts surgery ASAP

Cataracts is a medical condition that is very serious if you don’t treat it right, it might lead to blindness. To understand this term better, doctors explained that cataracts are a cloudy area in the lens of the eyes that leads to a decrease in vision. Usually, cataracts develop slowly and might affect one or both eyes.

Unfortunately, cataracts are most common due to aging but they can also occur because of trauma or radiation exposure. A recent statistic revealed that about 20 million people are blind because of cataracts. Are you scared of surgery? Don’t be! A typical cataract surgery is one of the safest procedures and it will improve your vision in a blink of an eye.

It can be easily recognized and if you have at least 2 of these symptoms you might need to make an appointment with your ophthalmologist as soon as possible!

Your health is more important than anything else. Be cautious and go to regular check-ups at least twice a year.

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1. You’re no longer able to enjoy your favorite hobby

Are you feeling sad because you’re no longer enjoying what you used to love before? Cataracts can have this effect if your vision is becoming cloudy or blurry. It’s proven that cataracts can reduce the capacity to distinguish contrast and this will make it harder to enjoy your everyday activities like watching TV, cooking, doing the laundry, or a simple walk outside.

Nobody wants to have vision issues so if you feel like your eyes aren’t helping you anymore, call your doctor, even if it will be just a regular check-up!

2. Up close vision is no longer that good

It might sound weird, but cataract formation is actually a slow process. This disease will develop over the years and it will become a problem when it affects your everyday life. Are you having a hard time reading a message from your phone? Are you a fan of reading in bed before going to sleep? This might be another sign of cataracts! It’s no joke!

You might take into consideration calling your doctor if this issue bothers you. They will be friendly enough to talk to you regarding this situation.

3. Driving at night becomes difficult

If you don’t feel ok while driving you really need to see your doctor as soon as possible! Driving during the night when having cataracts can jeopardize your life and the life of others. If you have cataracts you see halos around the traffic lights, which can make it pretty hard to drive during the night. Don’t ignore this particular symptom!

If you are finding driving at night difficult because of the glare of the lights, we recommend you get some polarized glasses that will help you with this issue!

4. Everything seems to have a brown tint or looks yellow

When you have cataracts, the colors that you see may look muddy and faded compared to how they were before. Your vision becomes less clear, you will also feel a bit dizzy. You have white sheets on your bed, and you know that but at this very moment, they look brown or yellow.

This happens because cataracts are well. It means that the problem is getting worse!

This is a big warning sign that you might wanna take into consideration. Cataract surgery is definitely the best solution! Make an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible. Do you know that for most people the solution is cataract surgery?

Yes, we know you’re scared and it’s perfectly normal since the eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of your body.

And if the doctor doesn’t perform the surgery well enough you might lose your vision completely! Make sure you find a good doctor for this important step in your life.

You only have one body! Take care of it!

5. Double vision

Has this ever happened to you? If the answer is yes, it’s mandatory to see your doctor as soon as possible in order to determine what the cause of it is. Even if this sounds unusual, you will start experiencing it when you have cataracts. Patients said that they had double vision in one eye. Which is awful!

We know that it can become frustrating if you aren’t able to complete any activity in your everyday life anymore, but you actually need to stop doing things like driving or cooking until you have cataract surgery!

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6. Your prescription keeps changing

Because of the aging process, it is normal for any prescription regarding your contact lenses or glasses to change over time. But what if they change more often than they should? This is a serious sign that points toward cataracts!

Unfortunately, when you have this disease, glasses won’t improve your eyesight anymore and when this happens you might take into consideration that surgery is very much needed!

7. Your vision gets blurry

Last night you were at the Cinema and because it was pretty crowded you bought the tickets in the back of the room. Bad idea, right?! Yes and no. The view from that height is actually even better and there are fewer chances for it to be that crowded.

But what if your vision starts decreasing and you are no longer in the position to watch the movie you wanted? If your vision seems blurrier than usual, you really need to see your eye doctor for an appointment right away! Even if this sign is one of the most common cataract signs, it might also be another eye condition. We recommend a check-up as soon as possible!

8. Light sensitivity

Doctors say that one of the earliest symptoms of cataracts is sensitivity to light and it can be pretty painful. If you experience light sensitivity, your ophthalmologist will figure out if it’s cataracts or not. Schedule an appointment if you can’t stand the glare of bright lights, or if even the sunlight bothers you.

This might be a warning sign and you shouldn’t ignore it!

9. You start seeing what’s known as second sight

A lot of patients with cataracts have experienced a symptom that’s called second sight. The vision is improved temporarily with second sight, especially the cases when you have nuclear cataracts which is formed in the center of your lens.

If you see more clearly suddenly right after you’ve had poor vision for a while it might be time for surgery! Have a discussion with your doctor about this and they will tell you what you have to do. Don’t be afraid!

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10. Harder to see in the dark

When cataracts strike, you might observe that you have a bad time seeing in the dark and you will need brighter light to read properly. This is an important sign which might necessitate cataract surgery as soon as possible!

Have you ever experienced at least one of these symptoms? If the answer is yes, call your doctor and make an appointment! It’s very important not to ignore these warning signs even if they seem like just a minor annoyance.

Nobody can guarantee that you’ll never have cataracts because they are simply a part of life. Of course, there are things that you can do in order to lower the chances of developing them at an earlier stage of your life.

Maybe you don’t know, but eating a healthier diet, rich in fruits and vegetables which contain a lot of vitamins C and E that are essential for better sight, will help you avoid vision diseases. Another thing that will help you avoid cataracts is taking proper care of diabetes because it is one of the most common things which might cause cataracts.

When you have suspicions about cataracts, it is very important to seek a medical opinion.

Quick vision changes can happen due to a stroke or another health condition you aren’t aware of.

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