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Never Wear These Clothing Items When Sleeping, Experts Warn

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When it comes to sleep, many people blame their sleeping issues on caffeine, stress, and health issues. Yes, these can all be contributing factors to insomnia.

But did you know that your sleeping attire can also impact the quality of your ZZZs? That’s right. Your matching PJs or fluffy sleeping set can make or break your sleep. As explained by Tony Klespis, a certified sleep science coach at MattressClarity, the best clothing items to sleep in should be loose-fitting and allow your skin to breathe.

If you have been having trouble sleeping and didn’t find a clear cause, your clothes might be the problem. To prevent future sleeping issues, here’s what certified sleep and health experts say you should never wear during sleep. Maybe it’s time to change your pajamas for something more comfortable! Let’s take a look!

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