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7 Everyday Things That Can Give You Type 2 Diabetes

Did you realize that nearly 90% of Americans have diabetes, and 1 in 10 has type 2 diabetes? Up until the past ten years, only those over the age of 45 had it, but now it affects an increasing number of children, teenagers, and young adults. What might be the cause? Are these numbers worrying?

Continue reading because in today’s article we’re about to reveal some of the most “innocent” daily habits that can raise the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Are you willing to make a change for your own good?

type 2 diabetes
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1. Sipping carbonated sugary drinks

It should come as no surprise that all fizzy beverages taste great, particularly on a hot summer day when you want to treat yourself to something cool. However, this is unquestionably a bad practice that can seriously jeopardize your health. All of these beverages typically contain a lot of sugar, little to no fruit, and have no nutritional benefit.

Drink as much water as you can whenever you’re parched or looking for something cool. You don’t really enjoy the flavor of water, do you? No issue! You can finish it off by adding your preferred fruit or even some cucumbers for a yummy aftertaste.

Are you craving fruit juice? Even if it’s handmade, make sure it’s 100% juice and limit yourself to a half cup. Many fruits contain a lot of sugar and cause your insulin to spike even after just a tiny glass. If you’re afraid of type 2 diabetes, then avoid completely the consumption of sugary drinks like Coca-Cola or Fanta.

2. Starchy carbs

If your dish contains a lot of white carbohydrates like bread, potatoes, and spaghetti, you might question whether this is a healthy diet. All of these delicious but starchy carbohydrates will undoubtedly cause a spike in your blood sugar and add a few extra calories to your daily intake.

Watch your portion sizes and frequency of consumption if you want to lose a few kilograms, and also keep your blood sugar levels in check. Change one simple habit, such as switching from white to whole-grain bread, to help manage diabetes and maintain a healthy blood sugar level.

3. Skipping your breakfast

You can develop type 2 diabetes as a result of another bad habit: skipping breakfast. Of course, you may be in a hurry to get to your job or your children’s school, but that doesn’t mean you have to skip it entirely. But have you noticed what happens if you don’t eat your oats or your eggs in the morning? You will end up munching on unhealthy snacks during the day. Depriving yourself of food until noon triggers a series of events that mess with your insulin levels and blood sugar regulation.

However, if you don’t want to end up with type 2 diabetes, try to eat something in the morning. And don’t think about a traditional breakfast if you don’t like it. The point is to eat exactly what you like in a well-balanced combination of fiber, healthy fat, protein, and unprocessed carbs.

And coffee aficionados, continue sipping your beverage in the morning because regular coffee consumption, whether caffeinated or decaffeinated, may lower the chance of type 2 diabetes, according to a review of studies published in Nutrients. The phytochemicals found in coffee, which support maintaining pancreatic beta cell activity, are said to be at least partially responsible.

4. Poor sleep

Are you feeling weirdly tired lately because you’re not able to sleep properly? Then you might want to address this with your physician as soon as possible because chronic sleep deprivation raises the risk of type 2 diabetes. Insomnia may quickly raise the chance of type 2 diabetes, according to a recent study that found higher blood sugar levels in those who said they had trouble falling or staying asleep than in those who said they rarely experienced sleep problems.

Was this not concerning enough? If you’re not getting enough sleep (both in terms of amount and quality), it makes you feel more hungry and less satisfied, which makes you crave carbohydrates and sweets in particular. That may result in weight gain in addition to affecting insulin and blood sugar levels.

5. You don’t eat fish

A lot of people aren’t crazy about fish, and if you’re one of them but you’re afraid of type 2 diabetes, then you might want to give it a shot the next time you’re up for a tasty and protein-packed dinner. It’s easy to make (especially the salmon), and besides being pretty affordable because you can find it frozen for a nice price, it’s also the best lean source of protein that you can find. And if you end up loving the taste of it, try to squeeze it into your dishes at least twice a week.

The American Heart Association states that fish such as salmon, mackerel, sardines, and tuna are high in omega-3 fatty acids, which lower the chance of developing heart disease and high blood pressure, maintain the health of the arteries, and also help to prevent diabetes. Eggs, non-fat Greek yogurt, poultry or turkey without the skin, and other lean meats are also excellent sources of protein that you can include in your meals on a daily basis.

You’re not really aware of how to eat healthier, but you’re afraid of developing type 2 diabetes. No problem, because this book (Super Easy Diabetic Cookbook for Beginners: 1800+ Days Delicious, Low-Sugar & Low-Carbs Recipes Book for Pre-Diabetic, Type 2 Diabetes) is something that helped me a lot when I first started my diet. Check it out because it has an amazing price on Amazon!

6. Smoking too much

One of the most dangerous things that can spike your blood sugar levels is smoking too many cigarettes per day. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, smokers have a 30 to 40% higher chance of developing type 2 diabetes than non-smokers, and heavy smokers are even more at risk. Having trouble breaking this awful habit? It’s a war that you have to fight alone! And the best approach for you should be discussed with your doctor.

type 2 diabetes
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7. Midnight snacks

Are you facing that awful insomnia again? Then it must be time for a midnight snack, even if you ate a couple of hours ago. If you do that once in a while, you shouldn’t be worried about it, but if you’re doing it on a regular basis, be careful! If you don’t want to develop type 2 diabetes, you should avoid this eating habit because it spikes blood sugar levels and interferes with insulin secretion.

You can better control your blood sugar and resist the temptation to overeat at night by eating three balanced meals per day. If you must have a late bite, stay away from tempting carbohydrates like sweets, chips, and other “trigger” foods because they will prevent weight loss. Instead, keep wholesome foods on hand, like carrots, avocados, and hummus.

Bottom line

Your health can be seriously harmed by consuming too many processed carbohydrates, skipping breakfast, and avoiding fish. Keep in mind that type 2 diabetes is a very severe condition, and if you’re unfortunate enough to get it, it will be much harder to control it and adapt to a strict diet. Start out early and take good care of yourself! Also, keep in mind that you only have one body. Protect your own well-being!

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