7 Subtle Signs You Have a Weak Immune System

Are you having health problems often? This can indicate a weak immune system

We all know that our health is one of the most important things in life that we must take care of. The immune system is the one that defends us from diseases, infections, or other intruders that might attack our bodies.

A weak immune system means a higher rate of getting illnesses and infections, and it also means that it will take a longer time to get better.

Knowing your body and the signs that it indicates when in need, is very beneficial information. Usually, our bodies tell us what they need or if something is wrong. This is why it is important to know our bodies.

Several signs might indicate that your immune system needs a necessary boost to improve your health. In this article, we will present seven signs that might indicate that you have a weak immune system.

weak immune system
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1. Frequent infections

If you are prone to infections of all types, such as the flu, urinary tract infection, fungus, and so on, this might indicate that your immune system is not doing so well. It is not normal to be so predisposed to a lot of infections because your antibodies should deal with them on their own without you knowing or feeling their symptoms.

This weak immune system may result from various reasons. If you know you have a stressful life, sleepless nights, or poor nutrition, then you should think about doing something about it.

The first step is to start improving your lifestyle and taking some supplements to boost your weak immune system. If this did not work, this is the moment to call your doctor. Don’t worry about going to the doctor for these kinds of problems because they’re very common and a lot of people have them.

2. Slow healing

We all cut ourselves while cooking or scratch our knees while getting around the furniture, and the healing process should not take longer than the usual 2 to 3 days. If your wounds take longer than normal to heal, it could be a sign that your immune system is failing to do its job properly.

None of us has superpowers to heal wounds within a couple of hours, but when you cut yourself a little one week ago and the wound still bleeds if deranged, then your immune system is not capable of healing it. Sometimes it is also about bacteria or viruses that are more serious than a small scratch. When your body is dealing with bacteria, it needs to be capable of taking it out.

3. Cold hands

Yes, often, cold hands are associated with poor circulation, and yes, the immune system does not control the body temperature, but sometimes the cause of having cold hands is connected with a weak immune system. If you are not a very active person and your hands never get warm, then you should start exercising and get that blood flow moving.

The real problem appears when your blood vessels are inflamed. Then, not only your hands will be cold, but also your ears, nose, or toes.  There is a syndrome called Ryanaud’s phenomenon, which can be caused by a weak immune system, but also by smoking or drugs.

Even if this symptom is not one to be concerned about, it is better to get checked just to be sure. Adopting healthy habits like exercising, managing stress, or eating healthy can improve circulation as well as the immune system.

4. Chronic fatigue

Sleep is one of the most important things that keep us alive and well. If you sleep at least 8 hours every night and still feel very tired during the day, then this might be a sign of a disease, infection, or simply a weak immune system.

For example, there are a few autoimmune diseases (Multiple sclerosis or Lupus) that can cause chronic fatigue due to the immune system attacking healthy cells and tissues in the body. Being tired all the time without a solid motive can indicate a health problem.

On top of that, a lot of stress can also lead to a weak immune system, which will eventually lead, to a more serious problem. If you are experiencing chronic fatigue, you should talk to a doctor to determine the basic cause and get a treatment plan.

5. Bathroom plans

Dihareea is a problem that prevents us from doing a lot of activities. Even if this issue is normal from time to time, or after eating the “wrong thing”, if it keeps up for 3–4 weeks, it might be an indicator of a weak immune system.

The opposite, constipation, might also be a not-so-good sign. The digestive system works properly when a healthy immune system is there to support it. When a virus or bacteria attacks our digestive system, it will not defend itself properly if the immune system is not capable of helping.

Besides that, the digestive system is the home of trillions of good bacteria, also known as gut flora. These bad bacteria play a key role in defending the immune system and the digestive system from diseases. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, a good diet, and an active life will eventually prevail when it comes to a weak immune system.

6. Constant headaches

Headaches – we all have them, and we all deal with them in the course of this life. When they are constant and do not go away that easily, or when you do not have a motive to appear, that is exactly the time to check yourself up.

If you haven’t eaten properly in a while, haven’t slept, or haven’t gone for a walk in the last couple of days or even weeks, it’s understandable to have a headache; these are common reasons why you don’t feel well. Our bodies need nutrition, fresh air, and sleep to perform at their maximum.

But if you experience headaches often and without any motive to support them, we advise you to consult a doctor about your problem. With these constant headaches, we cannot perform the majority of activities that we normally need in a day, which include eating, sleeping, and working, and they’re important for a strong immune system.

weak immune system
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7. Hair loss

Alopecia is a very frustrating issue that affects both men and women. Even though sometimes hair loss is a genetic disorder, it might appear for other reasons, which include a weak immune system.

Sudden hair loss is an alarming sign that may hide a serious disease. A lot of people deal with this issue because they have a very stressful life and their immune system disintegrates. Stress is a very strong factor in hair loss and many other problems. If your mind and soul are not okay, your body won’t be any different, in most cases.

If you experience any signs of hair loss, you might have a weak immune system, so you should talk to your healthcare provider. They may determine the cause and give you a treatment that will work for your problem.

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