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6 OTC Meds That Might Be Risky for Those over 50

OTC meds that might be risky
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Do you know about these OTC meds that might be risky for seniors?

OTC medications are quite popular, and this is why drug stores became what they are today. Maybe you have a headache or you experience heartburn from acid reflux, and you will probably take a pill and everything will be alright. But you should know that there are some OTC meds that might be risky, especially for those over 50.

According to research, adverse drug responses resulting from over-the-counter drugs generate over 178,000 hospital admissions annually, with those 65 and older being particularly susceptible to this.

Learn about some meds that you should be cautious about. They are usually found in the bathroom cabinets of most Americans, but they are not as safe as we believe they are.

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