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6 Immunity-Boosting Supplements That Actually Work

Do you take any immunity-boosting supplements?

Our immune system has a major task to complete every day. It has to keep your body safe and protect it from all the viruses, bacteria, and fungi that are everywhere around us. This is why we want to help it and give it a little boost. Today we want to present you with some immunity-boosting supplements that really work and make a difference.

If you take a look at the market, you can easily see that many dietary supplements claim to be immunity boosters, but how many of them are the real deal? Most of them, even if they are advertised as supplements that support immune health, don’t do much, which means that you take them and nothing happens.

Read on and find the best recommendations for immunity-boosting supplements that you can take to make your immune system work better and become more powerful.

immunity-boosting supplements
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1. Zinc

This is a common nutrient that is best known for supporting metabolic function and your immune system. Along with this, your body’s ability to heal wounds and your sense of smell and taste are also supported by zinc.

Generally, of all immunity-boosting supplements, zinc is the one you can get the easiest; all you need to do is have a varied diet. You can find it in red meat, chicken, eggs, and fortified breakfast cereals.

But when your body doesn’t have enough zinc, studies show that there is a risk of inflammation, and your immune cells will be less effective when they need to fight.

One important thing you need to know about zinc is that more is not always better. Zinc is more effective when you take it in small doses. The maximum amount of this supplement you can take per day is 40 milligrams for both men and women.

So, take care, and always make sure you don’t take more than needed. Usually, this should not be the case since most brands sell supplements that contain 15–30 milligrams of zinc per dose.

2. Vitamin D

When you think about immunity-boosting supplements, we are sure you have vitamin D on your list. This supplement has gained a reputation as the go-to solution when you want to have a stronger immune system. And there are many reasons behind this.

Recent studies have shown that vitamin D deficiency can truly affect your body’s ability to fight viruses and bacteria. Those who have low levels of vitamin D have a higher chance of getting sick, especially from respiratory tract infections such as the flu or COVID-19.

The best way to soak up vitamin D is to take advantage of the sun, but during the winter, this is not that possible in most places. This is when you need to take one of the immunity-boosting supplements, in this case, vitamin D.

The lack of sun in the winter is not the best because winter is the same time when flu epidemics take place. So, the only thing that you can do is protect yourself and take vitamin D supplements. You have many options to choose from pills, liquids, gummies, and more.

Whenever you buy vitamin D supplements, look for those that have been third-party tested. When something is third-party tested, it means that another company has tested it and made sure that the quality is top-notch.

3. Adaptogenic mushrooms

Maybe you are not a fan of mushrooms, but you need to hear about them. They are one of the best immunity-boosting supplements and are well-known to protect your body from stress.

We live in a hectic world, and stress can be one of the main factors that weakens your immune system. This is why adaptogenic mushrooms are the best solution for both reducing stress and making your immune system more powerful.

Try to find the best adaptogenic mushrooms, such as reishi, because they are great at stimulating the immune system, and besides this, you will get more restful sleep. Also, good sleep is one of the predictors of a healthy immune system. When you sleep well, your body will be much better at fighting infections.

Again, remember to look for adaptogenic mushrooms and supplements that are third-party tested.

4. Probiotics

Your gut is more important for the big picture than you might think. Yes, if you have a healthy gut, you will also have a healthy immune system. Even more, research has shown that 70–80% of all immune cells can be found in the gut!

If you want to have a healthy and balanced gut, doctors and experts recommend a specific type of gut bug, and that is “Akkermansia muciniphila.” According to studies, this bacteria is best at reducing gut permeability by protecting the gut lining.

When you have a healthy gut flora, you will have more good bacteria in your intestines, and as a result, you will not get sick that easily. Also, it has been shown that those who take probiotics will have a lower duration of mild respiratory tract infections.

Again, remember that all of us are different, and our gut floras are different as well. If a type of probiotic works for someone, that doesn’t mean it will work the same for other people.

5. Immune-targeted multivitamins

Many of us take multivitamins. They are extremely popular. But if your goal is to make your immune system stronger, are you taking the right multivitamins? One of the best immunity-boosting supplements that are available in OTC are immune-targeted multivitamins.

These multivitamins contain everything your body needs, from common vitamins such as vitamin D, vitamin A, and vitamin B to minerals such as chromium, selenium, and zinc. Your immune system needs all of them, and now you can get them by taking only one pill per day.

These supplements are amazing because they can maintain your gut health and also keep the inflammatory response at bay when fighting infections. Also, during the winter, you can try cycling supplements, and if you feel like you are getting sick, you should take extra.

immunity-boosting supplements
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6. Colostrum

This is a substance that is produced by mothers after they give birth. This substance is produced before breast milk, and it is full of antioxidants and nutrients. Now, if you want to buy colostrum, you need to know that the one you can find on the market is not from humans but from dairy cows. Indeed, it is not as rich in nutrients as the human version, but if you want to use it as one of the immunity-boosting supplements, it is a perfect alternative.

But what makes colostrum one of the best immunity-boosting supplements? Well, the secret is that colostrum is full of immunoglobulins that are amazing at fighting bacteria and viruses. Even more, colostrum is good at reducing infections if they occur.

This supplement can be found in powder, capsules, or liquid. The best thing to do is to ask your doctor beforehand if you want to take colostrum. Some people have some health conditions, and they should not take colostrum without medical advice.

Also, colostrum comes from cows, which makes it not vegan-friendly.

If you want a vegan alternative to immune-targeted multivitamins, these are a great choice: NATURELO Immune Support – Vitamin C, Elderberry, Zinc, Echinacea – Natural Immunity Boost w/Antioxidant, Herbal & Mineral Defense

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