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9 TOXIC Social Media Diets That Will Only Worsen Your Shape

Have you heard about these toxic social media diets?

When it comes to diets, there are so many options out there that you can learn about, not only from nutritionists but also from…social media. That’s right, nowadays, as the internet managed to get through our personal lives, we don’t even need to leave the house if we want to ask for an opinion.

All we have to do is go online, and we’ll learn from all those people who shared their diet experiences. However, not ANY kind of advice is good. In fact, in some situations, it might only harm your process.

Even if these diet foods might claim to be focused on low-fat, low-calories, they might in fact be the least weight-loss-friendly of them all. Here are some of the worst foods you could possibly try:

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Fresh pressed juices

These products are absolutely rage in the market these days. You will find tons of varieties of these fresh-pressed juices, in almost any grocery store you’ll go. Even more, health experts are suggesting to think twice before buying these fresh-pressed juices, as eating raw fruits might do you better than drinking them in the form of juices.

Why? Well, when you drink fruit juice, you don’t get all the fiber that you would by eating whole fruit. Even more, if you exaggerate fruit juice consumption, you might end up with excess calories and even unwanted weight gain. And why? Because you drank that “miraculous” fresh-pressed juice! Instead, get yourself one of these feisty Nutribullet magical machines and make your OWN smoothies!

Dried fruits

Dried fruits and nuts are definitely one of the best choices when it comes to nutrients. However, we are going to sweetly remind you that going overboard with dried fruits and nuts might only do you worse if you want to lose weight. That’s because they’re high in calories.

While it is a slippery slope when it comes to overeating dried fruits and nuts, you should still integrate them into your daily diet. I know, it’s all super complicated, because they’re good for you, but not in high quantities.

Maybe the nuts have less to do with it, but those dried fruits are the ones who might secretly harm your weight. Because they’re dehydrated so all the water is out, but they’re still left with all that sugar.

Protein shake

When we say protein shake, we ESPECIALLY refer to those that are sold commercially in the market, not necessarily those that you could make in the comfort of your own home.

A packaged protein shake is loaded with added sugar, and it has way more calories than any naturally prepped protein shake could ever have.

The same applies to smoothies. The order is this: the best you could POSSIBLY do is to eat those fruits as raw as they get, so you don’t miss on the much-needed fiber.

The NEXT best thing is to make your smoothies at home and drink them for a maximum of 3 hours, because after 3 hours they’re no longer good, basically.

As a last resort you could drink a grocery-bought smoothie, but don’t make a habit out of it!

Packaged diet foods

These packed diet foods are all over the place now. It’s almost impossible not to notice them! However, it’s worth mentioning that these diet foods are certainly made with unhealthy ingredients, added salt, or unknown preservatives. If you want to lose weight in a proper healthy way consider giving up on these processed diet foods:

  • processed meat- we’re talking here about bacon, salamis, and sausages, which are definitely the most beloved meats out there. But they’re also carcinogenic to humans, according to a statement made by the World Health Organization.
  • ketchup- let’s be honest, everyone loves tomato ketchup. And why would anyone avoid ketchup, as it comes from tomatoes, which are known to be very healthy vegetables? Well, it has ENORMOUS amounts of sugar, which can be very addictive and even harmful to your health.
  • pasta, pizza sauce- and when we say pasta and pizza sauce, we all know what we mean: marinara sauce. It’s very convenient to add a couple of spoons of marinara sauce to your pasta or pizza, but it’s not too good for your health. Marinara sauce is rich in emulsifiers and preservatives, which technically you’d want to avoid.
Photo by BrandonKleinPhoto at Shutterstock

Diet soda

Many people tend to reach for a diet soda because it says “0 sugars” on the label. If you’re one of them, you’re missing an important aspect: it has been directly linked to weight gain.

Studies are proving that diet soda can have a very negative impact on gut bacteria, and might even increase the risk of diabetes and many other metabolic diseases.

Even if it has the word “diet” attached, it doesn’t REALLY mean that it’s good for your weight. Diet sodas can even make things worse for you, as a recent study showed how drinking diet sodas can increase your waist size. Even more, those who drink diet sodas might have a waist size that’s 70% bigger than non-drinkers.

Artificial sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners are on the top of the list when it comes to diet foods that might lead you to gain more weight. If you want to try a healthy sugar substitute, it’s way better if you only stick to honey, coconut sugar, dates, or even date sugar, sugarcane, and jaggery.

There are studies that show how sugar replacements are also at fault for causing health changes that are directly linked to diabetes and obesity. It all suggests that switching from regular to diet soda can be translated into “out of the frying pan, into the fire”. So you might want to reconsider.

Low-fat flavored yogurt

There’s a wide variety of yogurts in the supermarket. Naturally, there are also low-fat flavored yogurts, which are technically supposed to help you lose more weight.

And yes, the fat might be removed from these products to lessen their calories, but more sugar comes along with that, in order to have a better flavor.

So the whole purpose of going for a low-fat flavored yogurt is gone, as the yogurt is just as bad for you as any other one. While you might be tricked into believing that things are different, this is one of those products you should avoid as much as possible, as they can’t do you any good.

Protein bars

Protein bars can be a very good thing for you, but some of them, especially those that are commercially available, might be loaded with calories, sugar, and lots of artificial ingredients.

Even if they’re a convenient option when you want a little energy booster, try to check for the ingredients before you buy them.

You might also try prepping your own protein bars using nuts, seeds, coconut, and many other healthy alternatives. In fact, don’t be scared of the idea of making your own protein bars, as you’ll know at least that they don’t have any unwanted ingredients!

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Energy drinks

Another popular thing you will probably want to try is sports drinks or energy drinks. They’re actually very popular, especially among those who want to exercise more or those who participate in intense workouts.

However, these drinks are rich in sugars, and might even add a bit to your calorie consumption. They must be avoided at all costs if you want to lose weight.

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