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7 Risk Factors For Dementia Every Senior Should Know

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Dementia isn’t a natural part of aging. There are many factors that can trigger a person’s chances of developing dementia, and experts call them “risk factors.”

There are multiple risk factors for dementia, including lifestyle, medical, and environmental factors. It’s possible to avoid some of them, while others cannot be controlled.

What’s important to understand is that a person’s risk of developing this disorder is the likelihood that they will get it at some point in their life. In other words, yes, everyone has a chance of developing dementia. Yet, some people are more likely to receive this diagnosis than others. These are people at “higher risk.”

Keep in mind that a person may still develop this disease if they have a low risk and avoid risk factors. A low risk doesn’t guarantee that you will not develop dementia, but it does mean that you will be less likely to develop it.

This being said, here are 7 risk factors for dementia! Stay informed!

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10 Responses

  1. 88 + still learning. I have found the internet has More info. than just the woke info. and childish games with all the bad over the world on display as it happens. I am still going even with cervical spinal stenosis. Emotional stress increases with this problem. Peop[le need to go through the 7 Reasons early in life. More articles on that rather than trans gender and all the rest of the stuff they focus on. If they don’t they wont have a good life to do what it isthey want to do.

    1. Great reply! I agree with you. Two years ago I had aortic valve replacement. Now I have lumbar spinal stenosis and it so impedes my ability to move….and to sleep. Other than that, I don’t feel’ my age. Not sure it that’s a detriment or not. But it’s certainly eye-opening. Dear Lord, just don’t let me lose my mind.

    1. I know that’s my biggest issues. 3-4
      Hr of fragmented sleep for over 30yrs. I know it’s gonna do me in.

  2. Studying Spanish and relearning Hebrew, taking lessons on my fourth musical instrument after a long time of not having time to play music (while raising children and pursuing a career), have all contributed to my feeling of youthfulness, not to mention regular physical activity, regular sleep and eating habits, and a positive attitude bolstered by my abiding faith in Jesus Christ.

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