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8 Signs You’ve Had Enough Coffee for Today

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3. Headache

A lot of people use coffee as a “magic potion” because caffeine stimulates the nervous system and helps you focus on your day-to-day tasks. But in some isolated cases, the most delicious beverage in the world is also used as a form of pain relief, and people consume it to “cure” minor headaches.

However, while caffeine may sound like it works like magic, consuming too much (more than one cup per day) can reverse the effect and give you even more painful headaches throughout the day. Why is this happening, you may ask? Well, the mix of stimulant and diuretic (the two major components coffee has) can be excessive for the brain receptors, and that will lead to a headache.

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  1. That information was very useful to me because I was one who drink coffee on empty stomach. And with acid reflux it was not good. Drink decaf now and one cup. Thank you once again.

  2. I have been told ( by doctors ) two cups a day is great for kidneys helps to detoxify. Not my words so take it for what it’s worth and ask your doctor

  3. It contains acid too which is NOT healthy and coffee is a drug as it has side effects (all drugs do). Best to avoid coffee completely as I do. I just turned 84, never touch it and never will and have no desire for it,

    1. Many things out there that people drink or consume and most are not ph balanced. Moderation in all things that one should be mindful of. Stomach acid is highly acidic and will dissolve any organic compounds. Acid in coffee is extremely mild in comparison. If it wasn’t for the mucous lining the stomach the fluids would kill us all. People should keep their personal likes/dislikes opinions out of a serious conversation about this topic or any topic trying to sway others as factual.

  4. This information is very informative and yes, I would appreciate more information about how coffee affects the kidneys.
    Thank you kindly,

  5. During college, I probably over-used coffee, so in my early working years, I started realizing I’m one of many people who is “over-sensitive” to caffeine. Since I’m even over-sensitive to so-called De-caf coffee (which you rightly point out still has some caffeine in it), I drink a natural foods product called “Caffix” – which our local natural food store recently discontinued. (Wah.) Hope this article can convince more stores to carry alternative products.

  6. I drink the equivalent of 5 cups/day and have done so for over a decade. Been T2 for over 30yrs. A1C is fantastic, kidneys (uACR) are fine and above avg for a 30yr T2@ according to my Endocrinologist. BMI is ideal, BP avg 110/80, Cholesterol is gold standard and none of these symptoms have ever been experienced. Take this article and the follow up comments with a grain of salt.

  7. “But be careful and don’t consume black tea and coffee one after the other.” i remember a meeting I was in. The boss was waxing eloquent ( waxing the elephant we used to say ) And I drink coffee after coffee. It was a Saturday morning, and when the meeting was over I was so wired. I decided to mow the lawn, whether I needed to turn or not, with a push mower. I guess I could say I was not careful.

  8. Another scare alert to general public. Mom drank pot of coffee every day. I limit my caffeine to two cups, occasionally 3 per day. I don’t mind the extra thirst I need the water. No caffeine after 12noon. Im in my ’70s, enjoy my coffee every morning & will continue to do so.

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